How to use Bali Mouse. 

1. How to use web site.

  • Finding a business / information’s on Bali Mouse online is quite streamlined: simply type in the name of the business you’re looking for into the search box, as well as the region, and will return a list of results, usually geo-targeted at your specific location.

    Results can be filtered by region, categories, tags, Price range, ratings, type, feature, etc. and also include maps, company websites, and phone numbers.

  • Local listings for major areas include travel planning resources, local attractions, and popular categories ranging from plumbers to veterinarians.

2. What type information’s will do results.

  • Business local information’s ( Bali & Lombok )
  • Event information’s
  • Jobs information’s
  • Products ( Marketplace )
  • Transport fare

3. How access Bali Mouse

  • Visit our website on from your browse device 
  • or Download our Apps for your Android or Ios for smartphone

4. Register account

  • You need register / created account for use some featured on Bali Mouse services
  • You need register / created account for become our author or shop vendor
  • You need purchasing for premium services of our feature
  • The method Live-Support, chat and work with us via WA is only for paid-services

5. User Level

  • Standard user : normal services of Bali Mouse for information and shopping
  • Author : for business owner to control the features of listing, event and jobs
  • Vendor : for business owner to sell products on Marketplace 

6. Shopping / Booking

  • Our marketplace is control by vendor so our rules is COD ( cash on delivery service ), make sure not pay any items until you get the products you buy. 
  • Booking system will direct send you to the official website or another third party site. ( make sure to check information’s )
  • Transport Booking will pay direct to driver. 

7. Submit Listing

  • You need register to show submit link.

8. Claim Listing

  • You need register to show claim link.

9. Vendor

  • Please read more document for vendor here.