Even with only four years under its belt, the UFF isn’t some rinky-dink festival. It’s getting huge but still feels intimate, and well-organized.

If you’ve been to large events before, you know they can sometimes be a mess. Not the UFF. As one example, just finding your party can be a mess due to overloaded cell towers.

To solve this, organized partners this year’s event with biznet internet service providers to offer free WiFi throughout the grounds. It was a good thing too.

An estimated 12,000 foodies showed up to enjoy food from Indonesia and the rest of the world. That was a 30 percent swell from last year’s festival so you can expect flight for next year’s event to fill quickly. (We’ll come back to planning for next year’s Ubud festival in a minute.)

As far as what to expect in 2019, it will be more of the same, louder, and prouder. Some would say that UFF captures a year in the life of Bali in three days of heartfelt celebration.

That said, if all you plan to do is hit the festival, you’ll still miss so much of what Bali has to offer.

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