Advertising on Bali Mouse website/App

Our website received more than 1000 page views monthly from a broad range of customers, including customers applying for planning permission is a good platform for advertising in a trusted environment.

Why do we offer advertising on Bali Mouse ?
To advertising campaign spend onto which can then be re-invested in improving the website and the range of services offered through it
to offer a powerful promotional tool for local businesses and the local economy
to offer a communication and engagement channel for local public and third sector organisations.

How do you advertise your business on Bali Mouse ?
We use great space  to deliver advertising across our website/App.

Advertising Network is a network of local authorities generating revenue from appropriately sourced advertising across system.

If you are looking to place advertisements on Bali Mouse and would like more information, please email our Advertising Team.

Website advertising policy

All advertisements are subject to approval before they are placed on Bali Mouse.

The team reserves the right to refuse, promote or to remove any individual advertisement, which is considered inappropriate.

All adverts must adhere to the codes of conduct laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority and must not conflict with the Council’s aims and priorities. The Advertising Standards Authority’s code includes provisions that marketing communications:

must be legal, decent, honest and truthful
must conform to the code
must respect the principles of fair competition.
Advertising will also be subject to the code of practice on local government publicity and the requirements of the Financial Services Authority.

Bali Mouse is not responsible for the quality or reliability of the product or services offered within any advertisement. The Council would never knowingly run an advertisement that is misleading, offensive, untrue or fraudulent.

Bali Mouse does not accept responsibility for errors, omissions or for any consequences arising when visiting third party websites when following an advertising link.

Most products and services may be promoted on Bali Mouse, however, some specific categories of products and services are prohibited as defined below.

Prohibited organisations
This list is not comprehensive and may be changed at any time:

manufacturers and distributors of illegal drugs / pharmaceutical products
manufacturers and distributors of weaponry and related products
organisations in financial or legal conflict with the Council
political organisations
Prohibited products and services
gambling and betting
pornography and adult services
weaponry or violence

You can determine your purpose in advertising. Promote Products or the Web? The choice is yours!

Feel free to contact us for more information’s