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Bali Mouse Founded in 2000 and based in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, Bali Mouse is a trusted community Apps for traveler to list, discover, and visit the places on Bali & Lombok in Indonesia. Whether to plan your next surf trip, spiritual journey or, family activities, Bali Mouse covers places exclusively on Bali & Lombok. With our growing of users, Bali Mouse is the easiest way for businesses in Bali & Lombok to attract more customers.

Bali Mouse own and operate Bali's major websites and Bali Mouse Apps.

Visitors and residents need access to reliable and structured information about Bali & Lombok as a tourist destination and place of residence. Bali Mouse will make Bali & Lombok accessible for everyone.

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To improve overall the Bali & Lombok Experience for Local, visitors and residents. 

In all our efforts we aim to support Bali & Lombok businesses, local communities to move towards a brighter, and greener future.


To be the Easy digital doorway to Bali & Lombok and most comprehensive and reliable source of information about Bali & Lombok.

Advertising – Balimouse.com for Business Owners

We further believe: That Online Marketing is extremely powerful and that all businesses in Bali & Lombok can and should have access to fair and effective marketing efforts.

Offer listing products and advertising opportunities that will bring value for money to the community and at the same time be helpful for the users. 


How you can boost your business with Bali Mouse ?

More viewers to your website and improve your search engine ranking. We manually review and approve every listing.

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List in our directory and appear in our listing, map, and search & share information, contact and location with Bali Mouse users.

Paid Listings

Get Full features, show all details and pics, promote coupons & products. Get SEO friendly links to your site and social media.

Unique Listings

Promote Your Events directly, Sell Product and more

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Here is what some of them have to say about Bali Mouse
Life before Bali Mouse was very chaotic - we got a lot of phone calls, a lot of mistyped orders. So with Bali Mouse, the ability to see the order directly from the customer makes it so streamlined.
Mark Alexander

Mark Alexander

We’ve increased our sales from 20–35% since we’ve implemented Bali Mouse and would never look back.
Randy Robinson

Randy Robinson

Co - owner